Download and Installation Instructions for version 3.0

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Sorry Mac users, but BikeMaster will currently only work on a PC based computer, with Windows NT, or Windows 95 and later.

BikeMaster version 3.0 is now available online. It is possible for people to download and try out BikeMaster for free before deciding to buy. If you are already a version 2.0 user, then this upgrade is free, as your registration number will be the same for version 3.0 .

BikeMaster version 3.0 contains a database of about 2000 roads and landmarks centered around San Jose. The range is Russian River area to the north, King City to the south, Patterson to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

To download BikeMaster version 3.0, just click below. BikeMaster's files are compressed and stored in a single download file. This file can be stored anywhere, such as on the desktop.

DownLoad file is bmv30-install.exe
size = 2.11 MB, updated 1/10/07

After downloading, find and double-click on this file. This will unzip and decompress all the files and install them in the correct folder. The default folder is c:\bmv30

You can create an icon on the desktop. Using Explore, go to the c:\bmv30 folder, and then right-click on bmv30.exe, and select make a shortcut. Move this shortcut over to the desktop.

If the folder is anything other than c:\bmv30, then you need to edit the bmv30.ini file, and change the folder location in 3 places. After installing and checking out BikeMaster, you can go back and delete the bmv30-intall.exe file.

See the Prices and Registration page for more details. For any further questions, you can email BikeMaster at