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BikeMaster 3.0
Now Available
  • Free evaluation for an unlimited time.
  • $30.00 for a single copy for new users.
  • Free for previous BikeMaster owners.
  1. Download and try out the BikeMaster software.

  2. Make a check payable to 'Diana Axtell', and send it to :
    4637 Holycon Circle
    San Jose, CA 95136
  3. After your check is in the mail, to complete your registration send an email message to BikeMaster at
    Subject : Registration

    Registration Name : _put your name here____
    Email address : ___________________________
    Are you a previous BikeMaster owner ? ____
    Amount shown on your check you sent $ _____
  4. After BikeMaster has recieved your check, you will recieve a reply to your email message. This reply will include your Registration number, along with directions on how to enter it.