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Rides Starting at Rainbow Park

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Driving Directions
From Hwy 85 exit at DeAnza Blvd, north on DeAnza, right on Rainbow Dr, left on Johnson Ave, left on Donington Dr. Meet near the picnic area.
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Route Description
RBP001 RBP001 30.1 722 24.0 14.79 02:54 M & M Rollers Coffee Ride
RBP002 RBP002 35.7 794 22.2 14.88 03:26 M & M Rollers to Douce France Bakery in Palo Alto
RBP003 RBP003 24.5 1777 72.5 12.37 02:50 M&M Billygoats - Stevens Canyon, Mt.Eden/Pierce
RBP004 RBP004 35.6 4345 122.1 10.55 04:49 Bohlman, Mt.Eden/Pierce, Stevens Canyon, Redwood Gulch
RBP005 RBP005 36.7 4322 117.8 10.64 04:56 Montebello, Stevens Canyon, Redwood Gulch, Mt. Eden/Pierce
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