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Rides Starting at Felton, Graham Hill and Mt.Herman

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Driving Directions
Take Hwy 17 south from Los Gatos
exit at Mt.Herman Rd in Scotts Valley
Right on Mt.Herman Rd towards Felton
Cross Graham Hill Rd, and park at
Felton Covered Bridge Park
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Hilly Ratio
Av. Speed
Total Time
Route Description
FGH001 FGH001 44.2 5120 115.8 10.68 05:55 Felton-Empire, Smith, Swanton, Bonny Doon
FGH002 FGH002 43.5 6121 140.7 10.18 06:06 Alba, China Grade, Jamison Creek
FGH003 FGH003 20.8 3073 147.7 10.04 02:58 Felton-Empire, Smith Grade
FGH004 FGH004 29.0 4360 150.3 9.99 04:09 Felton-Empire, Smith Grade, Bonny Doon
FGH005 FGH005 34.8 4694 134.9 10.30 04:50 Zayante, Alba
FGH006 FGH006 56.8 7058 124.3 10.51 07:43 Zayante, Alba, Empire Grade
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