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Rides Starting at Almaden Lake Park East Entrance

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Driving Directions
From Hwy 85:
Take Almaden Expressway south.
1.0 mile turn left onto Coleman Avenue.
0.3 mile turn right onto Winfield Blvd.
0.3 mile turn right into park entrance.
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Hilly Ratio
Av. Speed
Total Time
Route Description
ALP001 ALP001 61.1 3605 59.0 13.04 06:42 Country View, Croy, Llagas/Willow Springs
ALP002 ALP002 46.3 4892 105.7 10.88 06:05 Hicks East and West, Mt. Umunhum, Shannon/Kennedy
ALP003 ALP003 39.3 1325 33.7 14.31 03:55 Lunch in Morgan Hill, Bailey/Buffalo
ALP004 ALP004 38.9 2048 52.6 13.36 04:10 To Uvas County Park
ALP005 ALP005 40.8 3448 84.5 11.77 04:57 Hicks East and West, Shannon/Kennedy
ALP006 ALP006 30.2 3423 113.3 10.73 04:01 Hicks West, Mt. Umunhum to the Sumit, and Back
ALP007 ALP007 39.0 4177 107.1 10.85 05:08 Bernal, Metcalf, Bailey/Buffalo Hill, Country View, Via Santa Teresa/Scenic Vist
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