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The Bikemaster routes library consists of 1356 routes, starting from 92 locations. Each start location uses a unique 3-letter code (ie. XXX) and then all of the rides that start from that location are named XXX001, XXX002, etc. Be sure to check the list of existing start locations before selecting a 3-letter code.

List of all 92 Start locations:

If a new start location is needed, then it can be added by filling out the form below. Be sure to include the latitude and longitude of the start location so that it can be located on a Google map. Do not use any single quotes('), double quotes(") or slashes(/) in either the name or directions.


3-letter code (XXX)

Location Name

Directions to the start

Latitude,Longitude (example: 37.12345, -121.12345)

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