Metcalf Road History

I did a google search for Newspaper Archives San Jose then clicked on
Genealogy Bank > California Newspaper Archives
Include keywords "Metcalf Road"
clicked on San Jose
Sort by oldest items

And I found these two items -

July 7, 1908 in the Evening News

"The contract for constructing a bridge over the Coyote Creek at the Metcalf road was let to Elwood Heath upon his bid of $3078."

Sept 6, 1917 in the San Jose Mercury News

"...rooms in the Court House, in the City of San Jose, up to 11 O CLOCK A. M. OF MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1917, for the construction of a wooden Pratt Truss bridge across the Coyote river on the Metcalf road in Supervisor Districts Nos 1 and 2 in the County of Santa Clara, California, in accordance with plans and specifications on file in the chambers of the Board of Super-..."

Therefore, Metcalf Road was already in existance in 1908, when it needed a bridge. And then just 9 years later it needed another bridge.

Metcalf Road taken from Coyote Peak April 2011